autos-214033_1920Warehouse clients want to know that their products are secure while in your facility. However, with so many people handling goods from start to finish, achieving a truly secure environment can be easier said than done. To draw customers away from the competition, modern operators need to take steps to beef up security without piling on costs.

Understanding Customer Expectations

When it comes to warehouse security, customers are increasingly driving demand. In particular, government and military clients expect more from their warehouse operators. Not only do they want to know their goods are safe from theft and tampering, but they also insist on accountability regarding who handles their products.

To that end, many warehouses are installing improved fencing systems as well as state-of-the-art cameras and motion sensors. To protect both staff and goods, warehouses are also taking steps to install identification equipment at entrances and exits. Finally, storage facilities are using intercoms so workers can report any issues and breaches the moment they occur.

Additionally, safety and industry groups are adopting stricter regulations that affect security. Along with climate-controlled spaces, warehouses must provide packing and shipping zones that are tamper proof and special spaces for those items that are flammable. Additional restrictions may apply for warehouses that intake food shipments. Finally, warehouses must impose measures to keep their employees safe and avoid workplace injuries.

All these security changes can seem like a financial burden. On the contrary, many warehouses are discovering that boosting security actually cuts costs. By installing automated storage and retrieval systems, warehouses can not only maximize space but also improve both individual and department accountability, as many of these systems track who comes in contact with goods. As an added bonus, automated software programs like Nova Software offer detailed history tracking of SKUs and operator picking productivity.

Let Outsource Secure Your Warehouse Facility

Security is an increasingly vital concern for the modern warehouse facility. At Outsource Equipment, we understand that creating a secure warehouse environment relies in part on installing an efficient inventory management system that allows for clear accountability. To learn more about the high-quality warehouse equipment we supply, call today at 877-741-6711, or contact the Outsource team online.