Totes to Person (Mix)

Goods To Person G2P Totes-To-Person MIX Mobile Robot Storage & Retrieval System 

  • Increase storage density by 400%
  • Increase labor efficiency 500%
  • Pick up to 600 Totes per hour
  • Flexibility to add or remove robots, manage peak seasons
  • Provide safe human-robot work environment
  • 99% Picking Accuracy
  • Rapid Deployment – get a full system in 20 weeks

Return On Investment – 12 – 18 months

Goods to Person Mobile Robots are revolutionizing material handling in warehouses and distribution centers. Our Goods-To-Person Picking Robots have fast pick rates, up to 600 line items an hour. Flexibility to handle various product sizes. With a high load capacity and versatile shelf design, our  AMR offers efficiency and flexibility in storing and retrieving goods in high throughput fulfillment operations.

Equipped with smart navigation technology, our AMR’s operate autonomously, reducing manual intervention and ensuring seamless movement throughout your facility. Safety features, including collision avoidance and obstacle detection, create a safe, secure work environment.


The user-friendly interface allows easy programming and monitoring, while cloud connectivity offers real-time data analysis and remote management capabilities. Experience increased productivity, space optimization, and improved safety with Goods to Person Autonomous Mobile Robots – a scalable and efficient solution for businesses of all sizes.

Goods-To-Person MIX – Automated Tote Picking presents totes to an operator combined with piece/carton presentation from PODs and or Pallets in the same workstation. The MIX provides a combination of picking products, you can pick from shelves, totes or cartons from pallets. The MIX offers high throughput order picking with minimal labor combined with High-Density storage efficiency and fast payback. Modular design allows for modifying product mix. Relocating is flexible and fast to implement changes to your operation.

MIX applications provide the greatest efficiency when:

  • 70% of products are MIX Shelf Storage
  • 20% products are on Pallet or AMR Shelf Storage

  10% Manual picks and or order consolidation


Order Fulfillment: In e-commerce and retail fulfillment centers, shuttle AMRs play a vital role in the order picking process. Robots can swiftly transport products to order pickers and packers, reducing time spent walking, searching, recording and then all over again doing replenishment. Reduce your labor increase order output with G2P Robots.


Goods-to-Person (G2P) Fulfillment: In G2P systems, shuttle AMRs bring the required items directly to the order pickers, eliminating the need for pickers to walk or drive through the warehouse to gather products. The system directs the operator on what to pick and where to put it, increasing accuracy and improving operator picking efficiency.