Made in the USA: Modula

Modula OneTonWarehouse facilities are constantly seeking material handling solutions that meet their needs with regard to price and function. However, these days, owners are increasingly concerned with using American-made products whenever possible. With Modula offering a wide array of products, such as vertical lift modules, that are all made in the USA, warehouses can feel confident and comfortable using their storage and retrieval systems.

Products Manufactured in Maine

Unlike many of the storage and retrieval companies out there, Modula offers a full line of products that feature global technologies but are made here in the USA. As of August of 2015, Modula opened a brand-new factory in Lewiston, Maine. This state-of-the-art facility will serve as both a warehouse and company headquarters.

Not only does this move make Modula one of the only US suppliers to boast 100% American-made products, but it also improves deliverability for the company’s many clients. Along with offering faster delivery in the American market, Modula can supply a wider range of sizes and models than many of its competitors and customize specific units to meet clients’ operational needs.

High-Quality Storage and Retrieval

When it comes to automated storage and retrieval solutions, Modula offers a wide array of products that boost speed without sacrificing picking accuracy. By installing Modula automated storage technologies and vertical carousels, customers can recover up to 90% of available floor space while improving both security and employee ergonomics. Additionally, clients can customize picking bays in multiple configurations based on their needs.

At Outsource Equipment, we are proud to feature the Modula Lift among our many vertical lift modules, or VLMs. One of the best quality vertical storage systems available, the Modula contains trays that are transported by elevator from the supports to the picking bay. It is both highly efficient and easy to use, making it the perfect solution for your warehouse storage woes.

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Today’s warehouse operators have to find new and improved ways of boosting performance at their facilities. A leader in material handling services, Outsource Equipment supplies a wide array of automated storage and retrieval systems including products in the Modula lineup. To learn more about your options for warehouse picking and handling, such as vertical lift modules, call 877-741-6711, or contact the Outsource team online.