Goods to Person Robot Software

The Intelligent Robot Execution Software (IRES) included with every Goods To Person mobile robot system provides your team reliable execution software to control and optimize your G2P robots. Implementation is quick and straight forward giving you the performance and ROI you expect. Benefits 
  • Minimal integration needed with your existing systems using APIs
  • An extremely scalable platform capable of controlling 1000 robots
  • Proven and robust software platform for outstanding uptime
  • User-friendly for associates and IT personnel
  • Performance visibility to monitor and optimize warehouse and DC performance

Robot execution software is easily adaptable to varying demand and order picking configurations and supports multiple types of robots. The management system is secure, comprehensive and flexible.  

Our robot execution system assists in creating a real-time, safe operating environment. It uses customized no-passing zones, performs multi-level safe obstacle avoidance, and controls fire-fighting systems. It combines with IRMS (Intelligent Robot Management System) to provide operating simulations before going live and can conduct optimization analyses and expansion reviews.