Software & Controls Upgrades for Existing Carousels & VLM’s

Vertical & Horizontal Carousel Controls Upgrades

When your carousels are old and running well mechanically, but electronics are outdated and parts are hard to find. We offer affordable controller upgrade kits for Remstar Vertical and Horizontal Carousels.

Vertical Carousel & Vertical Lift Module Aftermarket Software

A stand-alone Part Locator software package is also available, providing the ability to convert manually driven Carousels and VLMs over to a database management system at a relatively low cost. We also offer expert repair and specialized spare parts for Kardex Remstar brand equipment. 

Carousel & Vertical Lift Module ERP Interface Software

Nuetron Software Uses a SQL Server Database

            The Neutron database tables are available to the Host system.  Host systems are able to generate on demand reports without having to go to the station to create and export data to a CSV file.  It also saves the expense of a Supervisor Station license when maintenance can be done with SQL queries.  The Neutron database can provide the backend to a Host system application, giving the Host extreme flexibility to manage their inventory and orders from the back office.   Programs like Excel can connect and query the Neutron database tables to create reports.  It is also possible to modify the Neutron database tables from within an Excel spreadsheet.

Touch Screen Interface

            Neutron was written with today’s touch screen user in mind.  The Graphical Interface utilizes oversized buttons and Quick Action commands to make the user experience intuitive and fast.

Windows Operation System

            The Neutron application is written primarily in C#, which is part of the Windows .NET technology stack.  There are millions of .NET developers that could step in and keep Neutron running if something prevented Allied Inc from providing support.

User Input

            Neutron was written from the ground up for ease of use.  It was written based on input from companies, as well as users.  Features like Location Count and being able to see all other locations on the Pick Screen are perfect examples of that. 

Host Interface

          Neutron provides a flexible order and replenishment interface to the Host system using anything from flat files to SQL Server Tables.  The Host system’s access to Neutron’s SQL Server data is available and unrestricted. 


            The Location Count and Multiple Location Management features found on the Pick and Store Screens are critical functions of overall inventory management system.  The ability to do things on-the-fly, with a touch of a button, ensures that inventory corrections get made immediately.