Slim VLM

The Modula Slim

The Modula Slim, a vertical lift module that can revolutionize your warehouse by saving up to 90% of the floor space currently occupied by traditional storage methods. It is adaptable and flexible to any working environment – and is ideal for regaining floor space with a cost-conscious solution. The Modula Slim is the ideal VLM for storage and retrieval of small items such as electronic and pharmaceutical components, or other small tools, optimizing the storage space available while allowing operators to achieve unmatched picking rates. It can easily be installed in any industrial environment, shop, parts depot, distribution center or warehouse, and its small footprint allows you to adapt it to your operation, even where warehouse space constraints are present.

No Compromise on Efficiency

Every item stored within the Modula Slim is able to be tracked efficiently, allowing operators to save valuable time with this functional and ergonomic VLM system – all without sacrificing efficiency or optional features offered on even the most advanced warehouse systems. The Modula Slim provides all of the benefits of a vertical lift module in a similar footprint to a vertical carousel with it’s slim depth of 66 inches.

Vertical Carousel vs. Vertical Lift Module

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