forklift-835340_1920Customization is crucial for ensuring your warehouse runs optimally. Fortunately, new technologies make it easy for warehouse operators to save time and space while meeting customers’ increasing demands. At Outsource Equipment Company, we specialize in designing and crafting customized solutions for all of your warehouse needs. If you’re out of space or just looking for ways to optimize performance, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have new and used material handling equipment that can help improve the efficiency of your warehouse.

Importance of Customization

These days, warehouse operators are taking steps to customize their material handling based on their specific clients and inventory. Not only can facilities revitalize picking and storage modules, but they can also install order-picking software and make sure zones have the proper equipment. Additionally, warehouses can opt to use more agile shuttles that run on multiple levels rather than expensive conveyors and loop sorters.

Another area in which warehouses are undergoing customization is the workstation system. Not only do modern workstations allow for better accuracy, but they also enable high-speed picking, kitting, bagging, and labeling among other tasks. Additionally, today’s models are much more cost effective. At Outsource Equipment, we supply clients with the Diamond Horizontal Carousel system design, a modular workstation engineered to assist with the various tasks faced by warehouse employees. As an added bonus, this option is far more ergonomic to ensure workers’ comfort.

In the past, installing custom warehouse designs was an expensive prospect for which owners could expect to pay seven figures. However, technological advances mean that remodels can often be completed for less than $5 million. In the long run, the expense will more than pay for itself in new customers for your business.

Contact Outsource Equipment for Warehouse Customization

At Outsource Equipment, we are proud to fill a key niche in the material equipment industry. Not only do we supply a wide array of new and used products, but we also offer expert consultations and design and build custom systems to meet your company’s specific needs. Our goal is to optimize your warehouse system while helping you save money. For more information about how Outsource Equipment can customize your warehouse design, or if you are interested in our new and used material handling equipment, call today at 877-741-6711, or contact our experts online.