Service & Preventative Maintenance

Service & Maintenance


If your equipment goes down, the fastest resolution is the phone support line. With advanced diagnostics over 95% of all support line calls can be resolved on the phone. If you require a service technician for onsite repairs, we will dispatch a certified technician to your location. With our factory trained and certified service technicians along with our extensive network of qualified maintenance personnel, there is always a technician close by that can repair your equipment and get you back up and running again.

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance


The best way to protect your equipment investment and guarantee up-time is to perform scheduled maintenance. Our service agreements offer you a great way to ensure equipment reliability and maximum up time. Based on your equipment usage and environment we can customize a maintenance agreement that best fits your application Our certified technicians come out periodically and inspect your equipment and perform preventative maintenance. Scheduled preventive maintenance allows you to plan in advance your equipment maintenance is performed at a convenient time for your company, minimizing equipment downtime and business interruptions. Timely maintenance, based on predicted parts replacement, reduces failures and unplanned downtime. Our comprehensive scheduled maintenance program includes:

  • Parts replacement to maximize equipment uptime to prevent failures, based on the frequency of use, to ensure your equipment runs smoothly with minimum downtime.
  • Inspecting hardware and software systems for proper operation.
  • Detailed reports provided and catalogued of the maintenance performed on your equipment.
  • Utilizing standard off the shelf componentry reducing cost and increasing parts availability.

Technical Support

Modular Design for quick repairs and exchanges

Our support works when you work. Around the clock support.

24/7 technical support

24/7/365 support to quickly respond to your service requests.

Remote technical support

Over-the-Air OTA function enables remote upgrade, troubleshooting, maintenance and problem solving, which can minimize system interruptions.

System maintenance and upgrades

We provide routine system maintenance and upgrades to enhance the system performance and keep your robots running smoothly.