Used Warehouse Equipment

Purchasing pre-owned material handling equipment can provide substantial savings on the up front cost of outfitting your facility with new to you equipment. But while saving significantly by purchasing pre-owned, it is important to find equipment that is not only high quality, but also ideal for your application. There are several factors to consider when searching for the ideal pre-owned equipment for your operation. Reach out to one of our material handling experts today and let us find the right equipment for you.

Pre-Owned SSI “Schaeffer” Pouch or GOH Sorter contains over 5,000 unit storage capacity. Produce 4,000 pieces per hour with staff of 10.

Pouch Sorters are Ideal answers to current challenges:

A practical solution for e-commerce and or retail store fulfillment requiring high piece picking thru-put. System produces 4,000 pieces per hour extremely high accuracy 7-inducts and 7-pack out stations.

Multi-channel distribution from one warehouse

Fast change in the product line

High increase in returns handling

Fast availability of goods (same-day delivery)

The pre-owned SSI pouch sorter was professionally removed and crated and stored in our warehouse in Indiana:

Hanging sorter is a modular system, ideal for e-commerce, but with many other application options. The system can be installed in smaller increments and modified to suit your specific application. The pouch sorter allows you to achieve a major cost reduction in fulfilling very small orders. At the same time, it creates the possibility to process a continuously changing mixture of both larger retail and smaller direct orders in any combination with a high level of efficiency. The system includes (7) controls cabinets along with the structure to erect is minimal space in your facility. Installation available call to discuss. System is available at a fraction of the cost of new.

Used Horizontal Carousels

Used horizontal storage carousels can cost less than half the costs as new horizontal carousels. Our used equipment can typically be delivered, installed, and up and running withing weeks whereas new takes months to deliver and set up. All pre-owned equipment we offer comes with a limited warranty. We work hard to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

(6) Six Pre-Owned Modula/Diamond Phoenix Horizontal Carousels Sold in Pods of Three’s

(2) pods of (3) carousels. Each carousel has (22) with (8) shelves per bin

  • Each carousel is 38’-3” long x 5’-9” wide x 8’ tall
  • 1,000 lbs. capacity per bin, 150 lbs. capacity per shelf
  • 198 shelves per carousel
  • Bin dimensions: 36” wide x 18” deep x 85” tall
  • Drives: Dual 3 HP AC Motors, variable speed controller, Sumitomo super heavy-duty gearbox
  • Automatic track lubrication system
  • (5) Sets of vertical photo eyes for increased operator and product safety
  • (2) FasTree light trees with (9) pick lights per light tree
  • (1) Batch-Pick workstation per pod with (9) batch lights. 12’ long x 2’ deep workstation with top shelf for PC’s, scanners, etc.
  • Sold in sets of three carousels or purchase all six carousels and save $$$

These carousels are in excellent condition. Carousel software and ERP integration is available at an additional cost. The pods can be separated but purchase of both will come with a discount.

         Includes (2) two-level batch station tables with (8) batch lights per station

If you have interest in other used equipment we often have used Kardex Remstar vertical carousels and vertical lift modules models NT250 and XP500. In addition, we sometimes have White horizontal carousels in inventory or Hanel Rotomat or Hanel Lean Lifts.

Still looking for the right pre-owned equipment? Check out our sister company Vertical Storage USA’s inventory where they specialize in pre-owned equipment.