VLM’s meet Robots

Vertical Lift Modules automate parts storage and retrieval operations. Integrating robots with your VLM will further automate your facility processes. Imagine a synchronized dance between VLM’s and robots, orchestrated to streamline order fulfillment. Uniting robots with your Vertical Lift can reduce time, labor, and errors all at once.

Anthropomorphic Robots imitate human movements to free up operators to take on more complex tasks, leaving the repetitive actions to the nonstop and exacting machinery.

Autonomous Mobile Robots transport materials across the warehouse without the need for any obstructing conveyor or carrying of human hands. AMR’s move freely about the facility with lidar technology, advanced sensors, and digital mapping. These robots will arrive at the picking window of the Vertical Lift and will retrieve the materials through manual picking or via an anthropomorphic robot equipped as a “top module” on the AMR. Once loaded, the autonomous robot is off on its way to deliver the materials to the designated use location. Pallet AMR’s can pick and place entire pallets and move them throughout the facility.  Other AMR’s can be outfitted with a hook to haul away picking carts for batch orders.

The seamless combination of VLM’s and Robots promotes swift and precise order fulfillment and systemizes inventory management. The joining of these technologies offers scalability, adapting to evolving business needs. This synergy optimizes space, enhances efficiency, and ensures a nimble response to the demands of modern supply chain management.