Vertical Lift Modules

Why expand your warehouse if you don’t have to? Acquiring new space or constructing new warehouses is a costly, time consuming venture. Vertical Lift Modules (VLM’s) offer an opportunity to expand your storage capacity without changing your facility situation. Vertical lift modules utilize the vertical space in your facility by taking storage all the way to your ceiling height.

The overhead space in many facilities often goes unused, forcing an expansion of square footage to meet the business’s growing needs. A VLM offers this expanded square footage for storage, while physically occupying much less floor space. VLM’s save space by using a series of trays in a vertical column that are accessed by an extractor and delivered to an operator at an ergonomic height workstation.

Vertical Lift Benefits:

  • Greatly increase the speed and efficiency of order picking by bringing the goods to the person. Reduce travel time throughout the warehouse almost entirely.
  • Increase picking accuracy exponentially with visual pickings aids like the laser pointer that will point directly to the object the operator should be picking.
  • Recover up to 90% of your valuable floor space. Thousands of square feet of storage can be created in a footprint on your floor of 90 – 150 square feet.
  • Inventory management made easy with software to keep track of everything happening inside your VLM.
  • Increased safety with the elimination of stair ladders or hard to reach shelving, the ergonomic design of the workstation delivers products at the ideal height for an operator.


Many aspects of a new vertical lift module can be customized to fit your purposes and facility. Pictured below are the internal and external bay features of a new VLM. For larger, heavier, or unique shaped items, the external bay allows the tray to be delivered even further outside the machine. This allows space for an overhead crane, or any other lifting device to be used to move objects in and out of the tray.

Dual tray deliver is also an exciting feature that can increase tray throughput and overall order picking speed tremendously. The dual tray delivery feature allows the extractor to retrieve the next tray needed from within the machine, while an operator is making the pick from the tray currently out of the machine. The video below depicts how much faster the dual tray delivery system is than a traditional single tray delivery VLM system.

Modula Vertical Lift Specs at a Glance:

  • Height: 10’-10” up to 52’-10”
  • Width: 75” to 178”
  • Tray Sizes:
    • Width: 59” to 161”
    • Depth: 25.75” or 33.74”
  • Weight Capacities:
    • 551 lbs.
    • 1,102 lbs.
    • 1,653 lbs.
    • 2,182 lbs.

Up to 3 workstation bays, front, back, multiple levels