Put to Order Sorter (3D Sorter)

High Speed Automated Robotic Sorting System - 3D Sorter – (automates & replaces put walls)

Small item sorting is often an overlooked area of warehouse automation. Taking a new look at your sortation and order consolidation areas can gain you tremendous efficiency and get your orders out the door faster with higher accuracy.

With 17% of all US sales done online and growing at 15% every year, efficient sorting has become more important than ever. If order deliveries are longer than one week 39% of consumers will cancel their online orders.

With average cost of warehouse space at $16 per square foot saving space with compact sortation system will have a positive impact on profitability.

In a 2022 survey by Logistics magazine 52% of respondents stated labor shortages as the number 1 issue they are facing. The average annual pay for a warehouse employee (if you can find them) in 2022 was $52,800.

With all these factors affecting your warehouse and fulfillment centers Robotic solutions are becoming a necessity. Our robotic sorting solutions provide the space, labor and efficiency increases required to help you stay competitive and get your orders out the door.  Low investment much lower than a cross belt sorter with lower cost to operate the 3D sorter is an affordable solution.

Our 3D sorter uses vertical and horizontal carriers that are bi-directional saving half the space as compared to a traditional sorter. From 1 – 7 induction stations producing ultra-high throughput of up to 10,000 pieces an hour. This automated put wall sorter reduces the number of touches needed to move your products from picking to shipping. Whether you are parcel sorting, returns sorting or multiple line item order sorting, you can do it more efficiently with the robotic 3D sorter. Fast ROI from 12 – 18 months typically.

Call us to talk about our fast and easy simulation system so you know the performance of your system before you buy. Each 3D sorter is assembled and pretested at the factory then seamlessly installed at your facility in about 5 days. Sort destinations are flexible and the system can be added onto quickly and is easily integrated to your WMS system.

3D Sorter is perfect for: Replenishment, Order Picking, Batch Picking, Sorting for Reverse Logistics, Assembly areas and more
3D Sorter provides significant labor and space savings and offers exceptional sorting flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency with output rates of 10,000 pieces per hour.