VLM Pallet Handler

Pallets are one of the most commonly used means for storing and transporting goods within a warehouse. They can also be one of the hardest things to store efficiently. Thanks to the Modula pallet handler, storing Euro pallets just became the least of your storage worries.

Euro Pallets are 1,200 x 800 mm (47” x 31.5”). The Modula Pallet Handler can handle these Euro pallets as well as any other similar dimension boxes. The machine will store these pallets and boxes and bring them down to an operator automatically and safely.

The benefits include increased safety by reducing the amount of travel required by forklifts with a fully loaded pallet throughout your facility. The pallets and boxes are also delivered to an operator at the ideal ergonomic position. All of this while also decreasing the overall footprint of your pallet storage, freeing up more space in your warehouse to increase production, take on new product lines, or expand operations however you see fit.

The Modula Pallet Handler is the best automated solution for anyone looking to improve safety, ergonomics, efficiency, and storage space within their facility.