Vertical Carousels

On the outside, vertical carousels look a lot like a vertical lift module – and the basic result is the same for each of these vertical storage units: Convenient, quick and efficient delivery of pick materials to an ergonomically designed pick station. Both of these automated storage retrieval systems increase efficiency, reduce errors, and significantly boost productivity.

The difference is that in a vertical carousel, the trays move in a large oval rotation to bring the products or materials to the operator. In a vertical lift module, an extractor moves inside the machine and pulls the correct tray to deliver to the operator. Both work extremely well with inventory-management software.

Like other automated storage retrieval systems, vertical storage carousels use hardware and software to create a highly efficient warehouse environment. They can support many facets of product, part, or order processing – including order picking, storage, kitting, consolidation, assembly, production, replenishment, and security.

If you are interested in the smaller footprint of a vertical carousel while also wanting the added benefits of a vertical lift module, check out the Modula Slim. Contact us today for more information on our vertical carousel storage systems.

Increase Productivity 2.5 Times over Static Solutions

  • Materials are delivered directly to the operator, minimizing walking, climbing, bending, and reaching for heavy objects.
  • Point-of-use set-up keeps parts closer to the operation, eliminating trips to cribs or stock rooms.
  • Shortest-path retrieval system speeds efficient picking

Maximize Space Utilization

  • All available vertical height is utilized, reducing floor-space requirements.
  • Underused racks, shelves and drawer units are eliminated.
  • Aisles are cleared of clutter.

Enhance Safety & Ergonomics

  • No more risk of injury climbing up and down ladders to retrieve heavy or bulky items.
  • All materials are delivered to operators at an ergonomically correct waist-high position, reducing the potential for back injuries.
  • A work counter enables picking while the product is out of the carrier or can be used as a place to rest product that is waiting to be loaded.
  • Parts are protected from particulates while inside the carousel’s fully enclosed system.

Vastly Improve Control

  • Pick product by carrier or part number.
  • Host-interface capability for advanced inventory management and control.
  • Manual carrier jog buttons to override automated machine control.
  • Organized storage of raw material and finished product is possible within the same unit.

Lockable doors provide additional security.