Tote Handling AMR Robot

Tote Handling AMR Goods to Person Shuttle Robot
– High Density Storage System

Make good use of your Vertical Space

       The Totes to Person Shuttle AMR is a High-Density Robotic Storage Retrieval System that maximizes floor space and provides a high output of totes per hour.  The system operates in 39” wide Aisles and lifts up to 18’ high. The Shuttle AMR has a double extended retrieval mechanism to double your tote storage storing totes two deep. Totes and cartons can be stored single deep or double deep, maximizing your vertical height. The Shuttle AMR saves space, saves labor and saves money. The system is easy to install with fast implementation. Works well with other automation like conveyors, other robots and systems.


Goods to person/totes to person Shuttle Autonomous Mobile Robot Storage/Retrieval System.

  • Maximize Vertical Space: Vertical storage height to 18’ high with 39” aisle widths.
  • High throughput: Up to 40 totes in and 40 totes out per Shuttle AMR per hour.
  • Flexibility : Fast setup and go live. Operators trained quickly. Add more Shuttles easily and affordably for peak times.
  • Storage efficiency: Store totes and cartons single deep or double deep. Allows for different sizes of Tote & Cartons for Picking.

Operator Safely: UL & CE Certified, obstacle detection, safety perimeter for operator protection, audio safety alarm, emergency stop button, anti-collision and lifting fall protection.

G2P Shuttle AMR Specifications

  • 110 lb. load capacityper tote/carton
  • Tote/Carton Sizes handled:
    • As small as 11.8” x 11.8”
    • As large as 23.6” x 15.7”
  • Carton Heights handled:
    • 15.7” to 39.4” high totes
  • Single or Double Deep Tote/Carton Storage
  • Automated Take-away Workstations