logistics-852935_1920It’s not enough to outfit your warehouse facility with the latest conveyors. To be effective as a new or used material handling equipment facility, you must also take steps to ensure your conveyors stay in good working order. At Outsource Equipment Company, we understand the value of this particular piece of equipment and have created a handy guide to conveyor maintenance for your convenience.

Importance of Conveyors

Whether your conveyor is gravity-, electric-, or hydraulic-powered, you rely on it to transport goods efficiently within your facility. Hence, a broken conveyor can wreak havoc on productivity levels at your warehouse. Unfortunately, warehouse teams rarely put sufficient effort into maintaining these valuable pieces of equipment.

To keep your warehouse functioning at top capacity, it’s important to inspect your conveyors regularly. The goal is to identify problems earlier and prevent them where possible before daily operations suffer. With that in mind, maintenance teams should perform daily, weekly, monthly, and semi-annual inspections on conveyors, checking that parts are in good working order.

On a daily basis, workers should visualize motors and reducers and clean conveyors. Once a week, teams should shut off the system, stopping all rotation to clean out dirt or accumulated debris. On a monthly basis, it’s a good idea to assess the belt and lacing, checking for tension and damage. Your staff should also lubricate roller chains and look for issues with the wiring at this time. Finally, operators should inspect the master control panel at least twice a year. Following these steps can help ensure your conveyor continues to function well for years to come.

An expert in the field of conveyor parts and services, Outsource Equipment offers a wide range of new and used conveyor systems for warehouses around the country. If we don’t have a part or piece of equipment in stock, you can rest assured knowing we’ll get it for you fast.

Trust Us to Handle Your Conveyor Needs

Conveyors fulfill an invaluable function in the warehouse world, improving speed, transportation, and process flow. As a result, warehouse managers need to feel confident that their systems are in good working order. Leaders in new and used material handling equipment, we specialize in installing and repairing conveyors to keep your warehouse in good working order no matter how busy you get. To learn more about our service offerings, call 877-741-6711, or contact the professionals at Outsource Equipment online.