Modula-VLMIt’s no secret that horizontal carousel systems offer tremendous benefits for warehouse operators. Highly useful for automated picking, these products provide numerous advantages including reduced labor costs and better inventory control and accuracy. Additionally, horizontal carousels help limit the amount of space required to move products through a facility, a fact that’s important as commercial real estate costs rise. At Outsource Equipment Company, we are proud to supply our warehouse customers with the Modula HC among other carousel system models as well.

Modula HC Features and Benefits

When it comes to advanced order fulfillment applications, Modula Horizontal Carousels are winning many converts. Made of highly durable materials with custom wire spacing and configurations, these carousels feature carriers on an oval track and deliver items to the picker. Additionally, the single frame size enables warehouses to use multiple bin sizes and access goods more quickly. By integrating multiple carousels with a single workstation, operators can improve productivity rates by up to 65%.

The Modula HC is the ideal solution for high-speed picking operations. Horizontal carousels consist of carriers that are supported on an oval track and deliver stored goods to the picker. To increase throughput, two or more carousels (known as a pod) are often integrated with a workstation that is configured with batch picking software and pick-to-light. Productivity can be increased by up to 65% with the Modula HC.

Additionally, the Modula HC limits the number of man hours required for effective operations. Because the carousel brings goods to the operator, employees can spend less time walking the warehouse floor. And since the software queues and batches product orders automatically, overall efficiency is improved.

Another benefit of the Modula HC is that bins can be customized to meet clients’ specific needs. Because bins are manufactured in-house and easily altered, warehouse owners can request particular designs and features. Additionally, all Modula HC bins come complete with solid steel construction, angle forward shelves for consolidation, and dual-face configurations.

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At Outsource Equipment, we believe that a company’s success depends, in large part, on the quality and effectiveness of its inventory management system. To that end, we work with warehouses to determine the best material handling options for their needs. Whether your goal is to reduce floor space or cut down on error rates, a horizontal carousel system like the Modula HC can help. To learn more about the Modula HC and other storage systems, call 877-741-6711, or contact our warehouse pros online.