We Practice What We Preach

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.54.57 AMA leader in material handling, Outsource Equipment Company supplies local warehouses with the products and design services they need to fulfill orders on time and on budget. We are firmly committed to maximizing efficiency at prices that are more than affordable. To that end, we sell material handling equipment that we believe in and use ourselves, such as the Modula Lift. Read on to learn more about how the Modula system has revolutionized productivity at our very own warehouse.

The Benefits of the Modula Lift

As the flagship of a line of next-generation vertical storage systems manufactured by System Logistics, the Modula Lift increases overall storage capacity for your warehouse, with tray sizes up to 13.4 feet and load capacities of up to 1,653 lbs. (For heavier loads, the Modula OneTon can handle up to 2,200 lbs. per tray and features a maximum unit load capacity of 154,000 lbs.) Because trays are arranged in a vertical column, facilities can preserve valuable space on the warehouse floor while keeping inventory safe and secure.

Along with the improved storage space, the Modula Lift improves the ease with which workers can pick inventory. Many storage systems require workers to reach up high or bend down low to retrieve items from shelves. In the long run, these employees are more likely to suffer from ergonomic conditions and injuries. Thanks to the Modula Lift’s easy-to-use external picking bay, workers can access inventory quickly and safely. As an added bonus, the automated system provides password protection along with helpful activity reporting so supervisors can keep track of what’s happening.

At Outsource Equipment, our goal is to meet customers’ material handling needs at the lowest possible prices. With that in mind, we can happily recommend the Modula Lift as a space-saving solution that has worked for us. Unlike other material handling suppliers you might come across, Outsource Equipment really does eat its own dog food.

Contact Us for Deals on Modula Lifts

At Outsource Equipment, we are committed to selling products in which we truly believe. That’s why we are proud to sell the same Modula Lifts we utilize in our own warehouse. To learn more about our services, call Outsource Equipment at 877-741-6711, or contact our inventory management pros online.