Product Spotlight: The Modula OneTon

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.55.19 AMAre you trying to determine the best storage solution for your warehouse facility? A newer model of the vertical lift module designed for heavy capacity storage, the Modula OneTon, offers a number of advantages over previous options while solving some of the main problems that today’s warehouse managers face.

With commercial real estate at a premium, warehouse businesses often struggle to find sufficient space for goods. Additionally, the burden of stocking heavy parts can result in lost productivity and even worker injuries. One of the ways that warehouses have aimed to solve this problem is to utilize vertical racking solutions. Not only do vertical options optimize available floor space by taking advantage of ceiling height, but they also provide for a more ergonomic work design for employees. Building on the offerings of previous racking solutions, the Modula OneTon model was created to serve users with a need to move heavier parts and inventory.

Benefits of the Modula OneTon

With a load capacity of 2,200 lbs net per tray, the Modula OneTon saves up to 90% of floor space and offers a number of benefits to warehouse workers who deal with heavy loads. Not only can operators pick and load goods more safely, thanks to mechanical barriers and light curtains, but they can also utilize both internal and external bays. As a result, warehouses can transfer goods to trucks and lifts more efficiently.

Along with the enhanced speed and safety benefits, the Modula OneTon allows for improved inventory management. The Modula COPILOT touch screen makes it easy to control processes. And because the computer system tracks access, warehouse managers will always know which parts were accessed and by whom.

To control this process, the Modula OneTon can be equipped with a complete inventory management system, accessible through Modula’s COPILOT touch screen, as well as through the user’s computer systems. Additionally, the system can keep a record of stock levels and other details.

Trust Outsource Equipment for Your Storage Solutions

A leader in material handling equipment solutions, Outsource Equipment stocks a wide range of new and used vertical lift modules. And because we are the exclusive dealer for Modula in Florida, we are able to offer all the Modula models, including the OneTon, to help with your material handling needs. Additionally, we work with warehouse businesses to design custom material handling systems that meet their unique needs. To learn more about our services, call 877-741-6711, or contact our storage experts online.