The Pros of Paperless Picking Systems

It may go without saying, but paperless picking is highly desirable over an antiquated, error-prone pickingpaper-based picking (we can’t even call paper-based picking a technology, because the word technology implies something modern – and something that utilizes tools beyond mere pencil and paper.)

There was a time when picking from a handwritten or printed-out list was the best a facility could do. But today there are multiple warehouse picking systems that allow the operator to pick the correct items (and in the exact required quantities) each and every time. These technologies, therefore, increase productivity, efficiency and delivery speed – and thus can be very cost-effective.

Three of these paperless picking technologies are highlighted below.

Vision Picking Technology

Perhaps the most impressive paperless picking tech is vision picking, which features augmented reality and a see-through display combined on a head-mounted apparatus. This setup provides visual cues to the picker – not only for the picks, but also for locating the items or inventory in the warehouse, as well as to guide the operator along the best route to get there. When the picks are completed they are passively recorded by the system, with no record keeping required of the operator.

Vision picking technology can be implemented in any facility, and minimal operator training is required.

Light-Directed Picking

Pick-to-light systems also rely on visual cues to execute the picking process – but this technology uses a series of lights and/or alphanumeric displays to direct the operator.

As with vision picking technology, pick-to-light systems also can indicate how many items to pick, as well as other pertinent details.

Voice-Activated Picking

Voice-activated picking involves a handheld or hands-free portable unit the responds to vocal commands and notations. Like the vision picking and light-directed technologies, this type of system can be used anywhere and will result in improved efficiencies with little operator training needed.

Paperless-Picking Options

Each of these warehouse picking systems come with software that can be integrated with existing warehouse management software (WMS). And, as previously noted, each will enhance the speed, order accuracy and cost-efficiency of your order-picking process. What’s more, you’ll likely see other pros of automated picking systems, such as shorter order cycle times, increased throughput, improved customer service, and a more predictable picking process.

If you’d like to have a more intuitive picking process, improved daily performance and reduced costs through the elimination of paper picking lists, call the warehouse storage experts at Outsource Equipment Company today at 866-971-1032 or 407-695-5545.