6 Reasons to Implement a Pick-Module System

If you have a large distribution center, ensuring the optimal physical flow of goods is paramount to your success. One way to accomplish efficient picking in a warehouse is by implementing a pick-module system. With a pick-module system, you’ll see the following benefits:

  • Improved space utilization in your distribution center
  • Enhanced accuracy and efficiency
  • Reduced operator walking and fatigue
  • Faster order processing
  • Upgraded customer service levels (without requiring overtime from staff)
  • Increased labor savings due to the above efficiencies and improvements

A Pick-Module System Case Study

A large international corporate with a 400,000-square foot distribution center in Nashville was experiencing efficiency challenges. The company was storing inventory in long aisles of 25-foot-high pallet racks. They were using narrow-aisle reach trucks to stock by pallet load and operator-up order-selector vehicles to stock cartons. What’s more, they were inefficiently using the operator-up vehicles to retrieve items for orders one line item at a time, which was a slow and tedious process.

The company had experimented with some possible solutions, such as single-level carton flow rack. These stop-gap measures provided modest increases in efficiency, but did not provide the comprehensive solution that they required.

What the company needed was a way to store all the products closer together – a way to pick items for customer orders easily and quickly, and accurately deliver them to the pack area without delay.

The solution was a three-level rack-supported pick module consisting of carton flow racks for fast-moving items, 10-foot-wide shelving for medium- to slow-moving items, and pallet storage locations for back-up replenishment stock. What’s more, this solution included a pick module that was fed on each of the three levels with its own conveyor.

Here’s how it works: An order begins outside the pick module with a selection of picked items in the pick box that is then placed on the appropriate-level conveyor for picking. An operator gets the carton and enclosed pick list, and then picks the items requested from their pick zone, rather than hunting and picking in a time-wasting process. When the operator completes the pick for that carton, he or she pushes the carton onto the powered take-away conveyor, which takes it to a packing station on the lowest level. The picks are completed quickly and efficiently.

Finding Your Best Solution

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