Vertical Lift Modules and Vertical Carousels: Who Benefits?

29766e2a37e979b18d18c428ff9c5aba_LWith real estate costs rising, warehouse managers need to do everything in their power to optimize available space in their facilities. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find a warehouse layout that meets your needs. Vertical lift modules (VLM) and vertical carousels offer a number of benefits for companies seeking to improve their fulfillment strategies. And it’s not just the supervisors who benefit, either. Read on to find out how installing VLMs really does benefit everyone involved in the fulfillment process.

  • Warehouse Businesses: Adopting vertical lift modules is a huge boon to the modern warehouse business. Featuring a series of trays arranged in a vertical column, VLMs allow fulfillment operations to increase productivity without the need to expand or relocate. As an added bonus, modern vertical lift systems, like the Modula Lift, allow warehouse supervisors to easily track every item that goes in and out of the machine. The end result is a more efficient, accurate warehouse operation.
  • Workers: Of course, it’s not only business owners who benefit from vertical lift modules and vertical carousels. On the contrary, these systems offer advantages for warehouse workers as well. Because of the easy-to-user extractor, time spent picking components is significantly reduced. Additionally, the placement of the inventory in the vertical trays means that workers can access items with less bending and lifting. As a result, ergonomic conditions are improved, and employees endure fewer injuries.
  • Customers: Finally, vertical lift modules benefit one of them most important groups in the fulfillment process: the customers who are receiving the goods. Not only is repair processing faster with VLMs, but inventory also tends to be cleaner, as parts are kept in an enclosure instead of on dusty shelves. In the long run, all these factors contribute to a happier client base.

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