Three Ways to Leverage Overhead and Other Unused Warehouse Space

high-bay-408222_1280(1)When a warehouse, distribution center or factory floor is out of space, that typically means it’s time to find more space. But that doesn’t necessarily mean building an expansion onto an existing facility, or leasing or purchasing an entirely new building. Those options take a lot of time, a lot of money, and mean considerable effort and expenses related to permitting, codes, real estate transactions and many more other potential headaches.

So, if that scenario could be avoided, then it certainly would be. One way to simply sidestep the costs and encumbrances of adding space to a facility is to use all the available vertical space – the cube, if you will.

How much of your vertical space is unused? Does your shelving and used pallet rack only go as high as a person or rolling ladder, while your ceiling goes much higher? There are several cost-effective options to reclaim that space that you’re already paying for. Find warehouse storage ideas below to help you utilize your warehouse storage space.

  • Introduce High-Density Storage: High-density storage systems eliminate static aisles and instead employ moveable storage along with aisles that open up only when necessary. So rather than having four shelves and four aisles, for example, a high-density storage system such as mobile shelving puts eight of the same-size shelves in the same space, but with only one aisle – a movable aisle.
  • Install a Mezzanine: Another option for higher-clearance ceilings is the installation of a mezzanine or some other type of static overhead storage product. Whether you’re looking to maximize storage in an existing facility or already planning a new build, you can install a mezzanine to add valuable space for manufacturing, material processing or storage. Mezzanines are customizable for particular applications and designed in accordance with specified local codes and OSHA safety requirements. What’s more, mezzanines have both stairways and railings, and are available with various floor surfaces, such as wood, perforated metal and metal grid flooring.
  • Install an Automated Vertical Storage System: A third option for reclaiming more of the space you already have is to install an automated vertical storage system, such as a vertical lift module or vertical carousel. Vertical storage systems not only save space, but they also bring the inventory to the picker, which means less time spent picking, higher productivity and through-put times, greater product/part security and fewer picking errors.

If you’d like to find out more about your options for leveraging unused space, call the experts at Outsource Equipment Company today at 877-741-6711. From vertical lift modules to used pallet racks, there is a solution that fits your warehouse’s needs.