turbo1Conveyor systems offer a number of benefits for warehouse operators. Not only do conveyors improve the speed and accuracy with which goods are transported through a distribution center, but they can also enhance ergonomics, keeping your workforce safer and happier in the coming years. Still, not all conveyor systems are created equal.

Understanding the right conveyor system can make all the difference, Outsource Equipment Company offers a broad assortment of new and used warehouse equipment, including conveyors, at competitive prices. Additionally, we work side by side with clients to help them select the ideal systems for their needs.

Choosing the Right Conveyor

When selecting a conveyor system for your warehouse, it’s important to consider your end goals. Start by evaluating your material handling needs. Along with order profiles and volume, consider whether or not you can expect variations in volume throughout the year. Once you determine whether your business is likely to grow, and by how much, you can begin shopping for a new conveyor.

After assessing your product volume, it’s important to consider the type and size of your inventory. While manual monorail conveyors are helpful for light loads, extendable belts are best for heavier goods. For truck loading and unloading, facilities may want to opt for powered flexible extendable conveyors.

While there are numerous conveyor options on the market, two of the most popular are belt conveyors and gravity conveyors. Ideal for the transport of goods, belt conveyors are an affordable way to control carton spacing. However, it’s important to remember that the entire length of the belt must stop when the downstream conveyor stops. On the other hand, gravity conveyors tend to cost less than powered options. However, cartons must be moved manually or with the help of inclines. As a result, gravity conveyors require more operator input to function.

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