The Benefits of Consolidating Multiple Warehouse Locations into One Facility

Modula Sintes1Operational consolidation and warehouse space optimization are issues many companies deal with, especially when there are economic challenges facing the business or industry. The good news is that you can consolidate multiple warehouse locations into one facility in a way that not only saves money, but creates greater efficiency, increases worker safety and satisfaction, reduces pick errors, and offers product security and traceability. Continue reading about the many warehouse consolidation benefits.

Have a System that Allows You to Use Overhead Space

Probably the most important aspect of consolidating multiple facilities into one is to ensure that you fully use all the space in the consolidated facility – even all the vertical space. Mezzanines and vertical storage systems, such as vertical lift modules, are the primary way to accomplish this goal.

Installing a mezzanine has many advantages – no additional HVAC installations, for example. The mezzanine virtually doubles your storage space without having to build out, which should be avoided if you’re trying to save money through consolidation.

Installing a vertical storage system such as a vertical carousel or a vertical lift module (VLM) has many of the same benefits of putting in a mezzanine, plus a few more:

  • Greater efficiencies – Less time is spent walking, meaning each order is filled more quickly and the total number of fulfilled orders is exponentially increased.
  • Decreased errors – Not only are more orders fulfilled, but these orders have a lower error rate.
  • Better ergonomics – Everything is delivered to a tray in the parts picker’s Golden Zone (the area between the knees and shoulders). This means fewer injuries and, therefore, less downtime.
  • Increased inventory security – Many vertical storage systems integrate with WMS and/or ERP systems so that all the inventory inside the machine is securely stored and traceable.

Have a Systems that Brings Parts to the Person Instead of the Person Going to the Parts

What’s more, a vertical storage system translates into paradigm shift for warehouse operations. While traditional picking involves a person going to each part or product, a vertical storage system means that the parts or products are now brought to the person. This is how you achieve the increases in efficiencies, security and ergonomics, and reduce picking errors. “Person to Goods” systems generally result in 30 to 60 lines per hour, per person, while automated storage “Goods to Person” systems can result in rates of 150 to up to nearly 300 lines per hour per person.

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