Material Handling Equipment: Leveraging Both New and Pre-Owned Equipment

saving-moneyOutsource Equipment specializes in new and used material handling equipment and material handling solutions such as conveyor systems, carousels, pallet racks and much more.

Equipment Selection Philosophy

In deciding on a material handling solution, it’s vital to carefully consider every detail of warehouse machinery selection – the fit, function, quality, and usability of each piece of equipment – and how each piece of material handling equipment serves the overall objective.

You want to select high quality material handling machinery components that reduce overall costs through longevity and reduced down time. And, wherever possible, leveraging pre-owned equipment will help you save substantially on your initial investment and long-term costs.

Eight Keys to Selecting the Right Equipment

Application Specific – Is it right for right now?
Flexible and Scalable – Is it right for where you’re going and how you’re growing?
High Quality and Durable – Will it last? (Just like with automobiles, certain pre-owned models surpass the quality of other brand-new models.)
User Friendly – Is it simple to learn to use?
Easy to Maintain – Does your warehouse machinery require much maintenance?
Cost – Is it affordable up-front as well as in the long term?
Warranties/Peace of Mind – How much risk is involved?
Provides Good Return on Investment – Will it help your business succeed?

Fabrication and Modification to Fit Your Specific Needs and Budget

Finding a company that can modify pre-owned equipment to meet your specific needs opens the door for the use of more pre-owned product solutions – and significant cost savings. Finding a company that can modify some of your existing equipment opens up the ability to reuse/re-purpose your already-paid-for equipment that would otherwise become obsolete.

And whether your material handling solutions require pallet racking, conveyors or other material handling products, Outsource Equipment can help you determine what new and used material handling equipment works best for your specific applications.