engineeringContract Engineering Services on Materials Handling Systems – From Concept to Implementation

Outsource Equipment Company works with you to develop cost-effective material handling systems solutions through our contract engineering services. Our range of services includes:

  • Systems Design: Integrate existing materials handling systems with proposed systems.
  • Specification Development: Create operational, software and hardware specifications, and computer-aided layouts.
  • Business Case Analysis: Perform economic justification analysis and feasibility studies, and source used equipment.
  • Simulation: Challenge “What If?” scenarios, gain confidence in true return on capital investments, analyze expected throughput capability and identify process bottlenecks for continuous improvement. Measure cycle time for specific activities and study the dynamic interactions within the facility.
  • Automation Software and Controls: Automate conveyor control, scanner interface, PLC and computer-based logic. Reduce cycle time from receipt of order to delivery. Increase order picking and shipping accuracy.
  • Systems Integration: Incorporate the latest technology from PLC controls to visual controls, giving supervisors and managers maximum visibility to the processes.
  • Profiling: Improve location mapping and product slotting. Reduce product handling, economically determine the best mix of material handling systems technologies and direct specific products to their optimum location(s)
  • Installation and Transition Management: To ensure a smooth transition, implement a well-defined methodology of coordinating project managers, programmers, network specialists and appropriate trades to install projects.
  • Project and Site Management: Supervise all project details, post and continually update the approved project timeline on, ensure certified mechanical and electrical installation, and perform system readiness testing, system startup, commissioning and training.
  • Post-Installation Audit: Measure performance. Provide technical support after system acceptance.