Picking the Right Order Picking Software

There Are a Lot of Good Reasons Why Nova Warehouse Automation Software Is Installed and Running at More Sites in North America than Any Other Carousel Software.

Here Are the Best:

Nova Software is literally hundreds of times faster than many of the carousel software products still being supplied today. What’s more, it’s off carousel (a true warehouse selection/storage management system) and there’s no need for additional software.

A graphical system status prompts operators with the exact status of each order selection. Host maintenance and/or operator maintenance is done through Nova’s dynamic link libraries, which are user callable or supplied standalone.

Nova Software allows the user to start with a single order selection system and then migrate to a full RF warehouse control system – with virtually no retraining or loss of software investment.

Nova Software is the most configurable warehouse automation software in the industry, in many instances allowing additional functionality to be enabled without replacing the software or the entire system as future needs arise.

Carousel and Vertical Lift Module Nova Software Features:

  • Kitting Feature Standard
  • Batch Order Selection (SKU jpeg displayed on screen)
  • Batch Order Replenishment (SKU jpeg displayed)
  • Cycle Counting (SKU jpeg displayed)
  • Hot Pick Feature (SKU jpeg displayed)
  • Hot Replenishment Feature (SKU jpeg displayed)
  • Horizontal Carousel Bin Graphic Print Function
  • Vertical Carousel Shelf and Vertical Lift Module Tray Graphic Print
  • User Supplied Nomenclature
  • Mixed Carousel Hardware Vendor Controller Support
  • Barcode One Scan Input Product Put-Away
  • Linear Programming Model (order optimization)
  • Anticipated Outs Reporting
  • Replenishment Order Generation (replenishment/out reporting and labels available)
  • Receiving via Scan or Keyboard & RF Receiving
  • Off carousel Order Selection
  • Multi-Station Order Flow Control
  • Batch Order Selection Suspend and Resume Function
  • Graphic Tray Designer Function for Vertical Carousels and Vertical lift Modules
  • Graphic Bin/Carrier Designer for Horizontal Carousel Bins
  • Detailed History Tracking of SKUs and Operator Picking Productivity
  • Complete Productivity Reporting System and Product Movement Reporting
  • Random and Fixed Location Support
  • Touch Screen Control for Fast Operator Training and Accuracy