Pick Zone Module

A Pick Zone Module is a cost effective zone-picking solution, consisting of line-shaft-driven conveyors that transfer totes or cartons from a mainline conveyor into predetermined picking zones adjacent and parallel to the mainline.

Ideal Applications

Pick-or-pass zone picking for split-case order fulfillment.

Performance Parameters

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 2.37.30 PM

Key Benefits

  • Transfers “on the fly” to achieve high throughput
  • Entire module driven by one motor (or two motors, when the reversing Right-Angle Sorter is used), reducing costs and power consumption
  • These automated picking systems can be used with any accumulation conveyor
  • All conveyors shipped fully assembled, reducing installation costs
  • Precision bearings in all driven rollers and timing belts provide quiet operation
  • Few mechanical devices, reducing maintenance