Drive-In Pallet Rack

Drive in pallet racks provide:

  • Very dense storage
  • takes fewer rows than selective pallet rack shelving
  • takes maximum advantage of available space.

Usually each bay is dedicated to a single type of article. Drive in pallet racks are typically used when there are many of the same types of products (SKUs).

A minimum number of aisles are needed for fork lift maneuvering because the pallets can be stored deep into the inner lanes, so most of the available floor plan can be used for storage. It can significantly reduce the storage space compared to traditional selective pallet rack shelving.
Different methods can be used to ensure that the forklift is guided correctly into the bay and that no damage occurs to the system. As such, drive-in rack is made up of rows of racks which form inner loading lanes with guide rails. The forklift trucks drive into the inner lanes with their load raised above the level for storage and the pallets rest on the guide rails.