Cantilever Storage Rack

What are Cantilever Racks?

Cantilever Rack systems are specially and specifically designed to hold long items or items of varying lengths. Whether it be metal beams, pipes, wooden boards, metal and/or plastic sheets, molding, or anything else that is uniquely sized, Cantilever rack systems are the way to go. Cantilever storage racks consist of thick, vertical columns with horizontal beams/bracing at the base to provide stability. A number of arms are attached horizontally on which the load rests. The picture below shows the configuration of single sided as well as double sided cantilever.

The picture shown below here shows some of differences between medium and heavy duty cantilever. Medium duty cantilever storage racks are for lighter loads that can be loaded by hand or mechanically and, as pictured on the left, has thinner arms. Heavy duty cantilever is a system with high-load bearing capacity and is for goods that are handled using lift trucks, cranes, and other such machinery. Both types are easily assembled with easy fitting, interlocking pieces that at the same time provide excellent mobility. This means these vertical storage rack systems can be moved and rearranged for whatever future application may be needed.