Gravity Conveyors

Many conveyors are powered, such as motor driven roller conveyors and belt-driven conveyors. Gravity conveyor systems, as the name implies, typically use the weight of the object being transported to move it to its destination. Either through an incline or a push from an operator, the product, part or supply travels along the gravity roller conveyors.

Because gravity conveyor systems do not have motors or electronic systems, it can make a lot of sense financially to acquire pre-owned gravity roller conveyors. But whether you intend to purchase used or brand-new gravity conveyors, Outsource Equipment can get you what you need for the right price.

Here are just a few types of gravity conveyors, available new or used from Outsource Equipment Company:

Gravity Skatewheel Conveyor

Gravity Skatewheel Conveyors are used primarily for lightweight packages. A hook-and-rod construction allows for quick and easy set-ups. Available in aluminum and galvanized steel, these conveyors can be fixed or flexible.

Roller Conveyors

Gravity roller conveyor systems can convey many more types of packages than Skatewheel Conveyors can – plus, roller conveyors can carry heavier loads because their construction relies on internal ball bearing rings mounted on axles at fixed intervals. Options include straight, curved, spur or merge configurations.

Gravity Flexible Extendable Conveyors

Gravity Flexible Extendable Conveyors are built tough to handle applications, such as operations running three shifts per day. It is ideally suited for truck loading and unloading, distribution centers, shipping and receiving (the optional impact section is recommended for high impact receiving applications). Its swivel casters roll easily, and caster brakes lock both wheel and swivel simultaneously while the conveyor is in use. If you’re interested in our new and used gravity conveyors, please contact us today.