Horizontal Lift Module

If you want to enjoy the benefits of more efficient automated commercial storage solutions – but don’t necessarily have the vertical space to install a vertical lift module (VLM) or hlm01vertical carousel, then a horizontal lift module may be the solution you are looking for. And Outsource Equipment Company proud to offer just such a system: CUBE, which is the newest automated distribution system from System Logistics/Modula.

The Modula CUBE horizontal lift module is a real innovation in the automated distribution of small- and medium-sized parts, even in facilities with limited clearance for traditional automatic systems.

Compact, silent, and with reduced power consumption, CUBE can be installed in any building. These commercial storage solutions have been designed with the same modularity concept of Modula vertical lift to satisfy a large number of end users.


hlm02The conceptual design makes the CUBE suitable for industrial environments, warehouses with public outlets and all those areas used as offices or shops, where any operator can manage the CUBE system.

The structure consists of load-bearing profile framework. The inside storage system consists of trays stacked on a double column for each module. The shuttle moves vertically through the aisles between the columns of trays.

Important shuttle components include:

  • Pinion-rack drive
  • Vertical positioning controlled by absolute encoder
  • Loading unit embarking/disembarking automatic device by pawl on chain.

The CUBE is a low energy consumption system that is easy to handle, install and clean. Each tray is made of galvanized steel and features the option to be slotted into smaller compartments by using metal partitions and dividers. The ergonomic picking station is part of the structure and is 31.5 inches from the ground (putting it right in the Golden Zone); it can be single or dual delivery tray, front and rear (optional).

During the standard operation cycle, the horizontal lift module is fully closed, offering full safety and noiselessness. Loaded with features that enhance both safety and efficiency, the CUBE also has:

  • Safety operator LED barriers.
  • Automatic closing doors.
  • Selected lighting of the work area.

The system can work either manually or semi-automatically. The control console is a computer designed for industrial environments. The management of the pictures of stored materials can be made directly on the monitor, by the touch screen.

The operator’s interface includes a graphic LCD, with a resistive touch screen, replacing the standard keyboard. The 12” TFT color monitor has a graphic resolution by 800×600 (VGA compatible). The operating system is Windows XP. The operator works in assisted mode, thanks to the organization in multiple windows. The automatic system recovery is fully assisted and is available in unlikely event of failure.

The software for the CUBE is the Windows-based MODULA Systore software, a complete WMS that optimizes the picking and putting away of items and the performance of automatic warehouses, including the manual areas (racks, shelves, cantilevers, etc.). The network connection to ERP achieves high speed, precision and optimization of data processing up to order execution.

CUBE offers a wide range of functions: minimum stock, engaged quantities management, export of statistical data on the performed picks/put away, warehouse mapping, and optimization of the product management with different levels of sub-codes. The PC on-board, Linux OS based, allows all direct connections to the Ethernet network, with a user-friendly update SW and unit monitoring SW, even from remote.