Peace of Mind and Warranties

shutterstock_129636221smWe all know exactly what a warranty is – but when it comes to material handling equipment and other capital equipment expenditures for the warehouse, distribution center or factory, do we take warranties too much for granted?

Not all warranties are the same, so it really pays to ask the seller – and get it in writing, of course – exactly what the warranty covers, for how long, and under what conditions. In addition, it’s also a good thing to talk about what happens when the warranty expires and you need service or parts. A reputable dealer will be happy to discuss all of this without hesitation.

Written Warranties

Although not required by law, written warranties come with most major purchases of new equipment. If you don’t take the time to read – not simply skim – the document, you are doing yourself a disservice. When poring over a written warranty, bear in mind the following questions:

  • How long does the warranty last?
  • Are there any conditions that may void coverage?
  • Whom do you contact to get service during the warranty period, the manufacturer or the distributor?
  • What happens if the machine breaks down? How fast will it be serviced?
  • What if the equipment totally fails? Will it be replaced or will your money be refunded?
  • What parts and repair problems are covered? What, if anything, is excluded?
  • Does the warranty cover “consequential damages” if you lose inventory or miss delivery dates due to the equipment failing?
  • Are there any other special conditions, limitations or exclusions on the warranty?

Many companies choose to buy pre-owned material handling equipment in order to save money. Not many companies offer warranties on used capital equipment (although a few do), so keep that in mind when you’re comparing new and used material handling equipment. With vertical lift modules, for example, in some scenarios the cost differential between purchasing new and used equipment can be negligible, making the net cost of a full warranty on the new equipment certainly worth the extra money.

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