Material Handling Equipment Product Spotlight: Modula Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

di-default-2015-06-10-alle-11-57-14_33472Modula WMS: The Perfect Complement

Modula warehouse management software (WMS) is a comprehensive and customizable warehouse management software package that is designed for automated storage equipment, such as the Modula Lift vertical lift module (VLM), as well as conventional storage methods (shelving and manual picking).

Modula WMS is the perfect complement to the complete line of Modula VLMs, whether facilitating additional management or as stand-alone software tool for warehouses and distribution centers of any size.

Modula WMS allows real-time warehouse management using a convenient PC interface. The software is easily adapted to existing corporate software systems (such as ERPs) and diverse organizational needs. The streamlined setup for Modula WMS has a minimal impact on current procedures and operations. All you need to integrate your host system is a PC to act as the server (as well as client PCs, depending on your specific needs). It’s simple and straightforward either way, meaning you’ll quickly get set up and start seeing increased efficiency and enjoy maximized control.

Maximize Control and Increase Efficiency

Modula WMS optimizes order management by allowing the user to speed up order execution times for both picking and replenishment operations, all with complete item traceability. What’s more, the WMS operating procedures are efficiently designed for an intuitive and easy-to-use experience – even for your less-experienced operators.

Modula WMS uses your data to its fullest potential in order to improve your operation’s overall performance. Check out some of the other valuable benefits of warehouse management software:

  • To further maximize your space, the software continually searches for open locations
  • Repetitive tasks and procedures are automated
  • Material movements are well planned
  • Picking mistakes and replenishment errors are reduced
  • The amount of what before was prerequisite paperwork is substantially reduced, as are the number of processes required