Identifying Ideal Used Material Handling Equipment

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.08.18 AMIt’s well established that you can save substantially when you purchase pre-owned material handling equipment. But while you can save an awful lot of capital by purchasing used machines, it’s vital to find equipment that not only is high quality, but that also is right for you. There are several key factors in finding and selecting the used material handling equipment items that are ideal for your operation.

  1. Is the particular equipment really what you need?

Be particular about the equipment you need and don’t try to force the proverbial square peg into a round hole. For example, not all vertical storage is the same. Do you need a vertical lift module (VLM) or a vertical carousel? Both have pros and cons – but one is the better choice for you. If you tend to store inventory with similar sizes and weights, a vertical carousel likely is better. If you have a variety of shapes, sizes and weights though, a VLM is probably what you need.

  1. Is the price right?

If your capital budget allows $100,000 for a specific piece of material handling equipment and you are able to purchase a pre-owned one for half the price, then you’ve got $50,000 that you can use elsewhere. Just make sure you are buying top-quality used equipment – or you won’t get the benefit of paying less.

  1. Is there a warranty of the used equipment you’re considering?

Getting a warranty with a piece of pre-owned equipment makes it closer to being on par with a new version of that same machine. Not many sellers of used equipment offer such warranties (although Outsource Equipment Company does offer them on most used items). The bottom line is that a warranty ensures your satisfaction and gives you peace of mind.

We’ve previously discussed 6 Questions to Ask When Buying Used Equipment – and that one is worth taking a look at again. In a nutshell,

  • Where was it used? It’s important to know the type of facility the used equipment was used in and what type of materials were stored in it. A cleaner usage environment translates into a longer machine lifespan.
  • Is it currently running? How was it used previously? Was the machine used for light duty, medium duty or heavy duty? Heavy-duty usage typically means a shorter machine lifespan.
  • Who will crate and install the pre-owned equipment you are purchasing? It’s important to have an experienced, certified technician prepare the machine for shipping and then install it at your facility.

If you are looking to purchase pre-owned equipment, check out Outsource Equipment Company’s used inventory page or call Outsource Equipment at 866-971-1032 or 407-695-5545 today.