How to Pick the Best Warehouse Management System for Your Business

shutterstock_129636221smIt’s no secret that warehouse operators often struggle with how best to manage their facilities. Today’s warehouses are increasingly torn between two opposing paths: purchasing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, or using a model designed specifically for material handling businesses. Owners should consider all the positives and negatives of adding functionality before deciding what system is best for their businesses.

Considerations for Warehouse Owners

The fact is that a good management system can have a profound effect on the success of a warehouse business. Outsource Equipment offers some important considerations when deciding between an ERP system and one designed specifically for the needs of a warehouse manager:

  • Productivity: A good warehouse management system can help make your facility more productive. To boost performance without raising costs, choose a warehouse management system, WMS, that offers different picking rules so you can set up more efficient pick paths. Additionally, you should strive to order batching so that you can optimize activities.
  • Control: Another important consideration when selecting a WMS is the type of products your facility stocks. If you stock products with different weights and sizes, you will likely want a system that allows for more flexible bin control and better inventory access. Additionally, you should choose a system that supports a variety of input methods, such as bar codes, RFID, and small scales. Whatever your chosen system, it needs to be flexible, as your warehouse’s needs will likely change and grow with time.
  • Shipping: Is shipping an issue for your business? Incorporating a WMS may help you to combine various transportation tasks, like dock scheduling and LTL management. Additionally, many of the newer systems allow for bulk packaging and the ability to accept returns. All of these capabilities can add value for your customers and clients.

Trust Outsource Equipment with Your Warehouse Needs

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