WMS Software

Outsource Equipment Company offers a suite of warehouse management system software designed to meet the various operational requirements in a large variety of picking and order-fulfillment scenarios. We can combine the available modules into a package that is tailored to your specific application:

  • Warehouse Execution System (WES) Software – optimizes labor and equipment in the warehouseModula software
  • PowerPick – manages split-case order picking
  • Direct Pick – manages order picking through pick-to-light, voice picking or RF picking
  • AutoPick – manages your automated storage and retrieval systems, like automatic inserter/extractors and stacker cranes
  • AutoRoute – tracks your orders throughout your material-handling system from just one interface.

What’s more, a Digital Display Message Center can be seamlessly integrated into the carousel’s access opening area on any POWERdepot. The message center provides operator prompting from the carousel’s onboard controls platform by communicating with the client’s host network through the software.

Operating messaging can include, but is not limited to, displays of part numbers, quantity to pick, location within the carrier and notes about the items being picked. The messaging helps to ensure an efficient and accurate picking environment, and adds to the overall usefulness of the carousel system and your warehouse execution system.

Modula WMS

Modula WMS is a warehouse management software (WMS) package that is ideal for use with automated storage and retrieval systems, such as Modula VLMs, as well as with conventional storage methods (i.e., manual-storage areas with shelving).

Developed with the manufacturer’s many years of experience in the integrated management of warehouses, Modula WMS uses the most advanced technologies available and makes use of international best practices in software design and storage automation.

Advantages of Using Modula WMS

  • Optimization– The ability for static or dynamic storage compartment configuration and management saves time and eliminates redundant procedures.
  • Time Savings – Visually guided indicators for operators improve order execution times for both picking and replenishment operations – and all with complete item trace-ability.
  • Control and Efficiency – Using your data to its fullest potential, errors and paperwork are reduced, and overall performance is improved.
  • Integration to Your Host System – Easily integrated into your ERP (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.), MRP or other enterprise-wide application to provide accurate and continuous exchange between your systems and Modula WMS.
  • Configuration– Easily adapted to existing corporate software systems and organizational needs, resulting in minimal impact to current procedures and preferences.
  • Ease of Use – Operating procedures are efficiently designed for an intuitive and easy-to-use experience, even by lower-skilled users.

Modula WMS is not only software, but more so and integrated solution for the entire warehouse organization to respond to the needs for:

  • Orders
  • Security
  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Accuracy



Software Packages


The base module is provided with all new Modula VLM units sold. It provides the basic tools for the VLM unit’s management, such as its own register management, graphical storage cell location management, the ability for item requests by means of orders or direct item number requests, execution of physical warehouse inventories and integration to your host warehouse management system software.


The Base Plus module adds two important software functionalities:

  • Advanced security management to limit tray access based on user login profile
  • An automated and configurable data exchange with the management system with additional information transfer protocols


The Standard module introduces a set of functions designed to make the operation of the Modula VLMs as efficient as possible:

  • Dynamic compartment management (item/compartment matching)
  • Dynamic batch and serial number management
  • FIFO and due date management
  • Warehouse statistical analysis tools as well as printed report customization


For users with WMS software already in place, the Driver module allows for communication and the ability to directly drive one or more VLM units – with no need to develop direct communication protocols with the machines. In addition, users still will be able to utilize the Modula unit’s CoPilot operator console for picking and replenishment activities. Contact us today about warehouse execution systems and warehouse execution software.