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Mobile Sorter Robot

Automated Mobile Sorter Robot provides a versatile sortation solution for sorting small to medium size packages of speeds up to 500 units per hour. Traditional conveyor sortation requires fixed floor space with sophisticated and expensive controls and electrical work.  Our mobile robot sorter offers intelligent sorting with the ability to scale your operation for peak times. Configure sort destinations on the fly. Ability to work with other systems in real time to make decisions and balance your workload.

Mobile Sorter Robot Benefits:

  • Flexible – Quickly reconfigure sort paths and various destinations a chute a conveyor another robot, etc. Easily take with you to new facility.


  • Rapid Deployment – Smart robots need minimal controls and minimal floor disruptions, best of all lower cost.


  • Mobile – Sort to destinations all over warehouse or to a person.


Affordable – Reduce up front cost, reduce long term cost of ownership.